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How to get medical test in GAMCA Pakistan for Family or Work Visa

Medical for Family Visa or Work Visa is very easy. By following below steps you can easily get your medical report from GAMCA



  • Visit the GAMCA center in your city with
  1. Original Passport with four copies
  2. CNIC with four copies
  3. Pictures with blue background , take 10 pictures for precaution
  4. If you have kids you need polio vaccination cards which need to be endorsed by a travel agent. Eimad centers have agents who do that and they charge PKR 1,500 per polio certificate. You can also get it from the Lab where you go for test. Someone said in the below comments that they charge PKR 500 only for it.
  •  If you are planning to go Lahore GAMCA its location is on Dubai Chock Ilama Iqbal Town. On signal left side you can find it
  • Go to the counter with your documents, they will see your details and will ask you to wait. If you are with family then directly go to the data entry center they will treat you very well and quickly
  • In data entry room, they will ask for job tile if you applying for work visa and will take your picture
  • After few minutes they will give you the GAMCA slip
  • Take that slip and try to locate the Laboratory address
  • Ask the guy on counter if you don't know the laboratory
  • Once you reach to laboratory, show them  your slip.They will take the fee and then ask you to wait. Again if you are with family you will be treated well
  • They will start your medical process.
  • For family visa if wife is pregnant kindly let them know to not take Xrays as its very dangerous for the baby
  •  Once they done all tests, you can provide them you postal address for report deliver with extra charges
  • Normally laboratories give the results withing a weak maximum. So ask them when result will be ready




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