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How to obtain police clearance certificate - Procedure to get police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia

You will need police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia for many reasons. For example


  • If you want to apply for immigration to any country you will need police clearance certificate from Saudi Arabia
  • If you are going on Final exit , you must take the certificate because when ever you will apply to any other country they will required the police clearance certificates from all countries where you lived like Saudi Arabia 








You can get the police clearance certificate easily by following below steps


Procedure of getting police clearance certificate is different if you are in Saudi Arabia applying yourself or when you are out of Saudi Arabia and final exit visa has been processed. In this article, I will explain step by step procedure of getting police clearance certificate from the police department during your stay in Saudi Arabia.


  • You need to apply for a letter of endorsement to your embassy. Standard form of application for letter of endorsement is is available in embassies of all the countries. You will have to fill the application form, pay the fee, attach copies of your Iqama and submit it your embassy.


  • After receiving the letter of endorsement from your embassy, you will have to visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the copy of your passport and Iqama. You will receive a form there which have to filled and submit back to the MOFA along with letter of endorsement of copy of your documents. Here you need to pay fee of SR 100/-. There is no need to translate the letter of endorsement issued to you by your Embassy in Arabic. MOFA will attest it without translation.


  • Once letter is attested from MOFA create a file with all these documents and go to nearest police Station ( Shurta Center). If you can bring your Company PRO it would be better for you.





  • Police officer will tell you about the expected date of getting the police clearance certificate. It is better to go at least 3 days after the expected date mentioned by the police officer to collect the certificate. Each and every applicant applying for PCC needs to visit Police Station.




Police Stations( Shurta Center) you will visit


If you living in Jeddah

  • Police Station right behind ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT BANK. The branch for making PCC's is located in this police center.


If you are in Riyadh,

  • You need to visit Police Office Deera near court.


If you are living in Dammam, 

  • You need to visit Police Station located diagonally opposite to the Governor House in Dammam

Once you received the letter, you can also translate it to Arabic from registered translators.






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