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Iram Nida
2017-05-06, 10:07
This website provides multiple opportunities to work for the betterment of my beloved country... I pray for the success and prosperity of this group and would want to contribute to it till my level best.. May Allah accept from all of us.. Aameen
Babar Shakeel
2017-05-05, 22:48
Behtar PAKISTAN ki TAMEER main ek HISSA humara bhe
Idris Ahmed Chaudhry
2017-05-05, 22:47
Mashalla..May ALLAH bless all OPVG members......Specially Abrar deserve a standing ovation....#OPVG
هَلْ جَزَاءُ الْإِحْسَانِ إِلَّا الْإِحْسَانُ
“Is the reward for good [anything] but good?” [55:60]
Azeem Rao
2017-05-05, 22:46
Yes. I am old member of this group and I found this group very helpful for all community. Also encouraging to people to do good. I wish that some day I will do something for this best Overseas group.
Faisal Jawad Shaukat
2017-05-05, 22:46
I always appreciate good work done by individuals and groups. I have no hesitation to say that OPVGR is doing fantastic job to help humanity and playing important role for Pakistanis in KSA to get jobs. May Allah
Reward all contributors and give them more courage to serve humanity.
Shams Khan
2017-05-05, 22:45
This is very helpful for osp keep it up guys.
Hats off
Xahid Afridi
2017-05-05, 22:45
It's a good and great page Allah bless the owner and Allah give happiness more than more
Ather Zeeshan
2017-05-05, 21:18
Great work always leads to the great venue and successful destination.
Nauman Ahmed Mohammed
2017-05-05, 21:16
One of best group & page found on Facebook for Pakistani community so far.
Best wishes
Good luck & keep it up
Ramzan Chaudhary
2017-05-05, 21:12
I was thinking can some one sacrifice his family time and personal time for other without any reward, then i comes to know about this group and i was surprised this group is more than that.
No promotions, no marketing, no reward just serving and serving humanity.
Its a great group of volunteers, i would really appreciate to join this group and if this group needs any support from me , I will try to do that with my all efforts.

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