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Always pay the traffic violations within one month of violation otherwise you will face many issues. Below are few examples

While living in KSA, vehicle insurance is compulsory for all vehicles. If you don't have insurance or your insurance is expired and you caught up in an accident there will be the heavy penalty and might be th...

While living in KSA Iqama is everything for you, without Iqama you can't even go outside from your home. Always take care if of your Iqama, if it's expired or not. If your Iqama is expired you can face many i...

It's very important to have health insurance of you and your family while living in KSA because medically is very expensive in KSA. Always take care of the health insurance expiry so that you can avoid any is...

While living in Saudi Arabia its wish of everyone to perform Hajj. If you are living in Saudi Arabia and want to perform Hajj, it's always advisable to perform legally. There is the proper mechanism to get permission/ Tasreeh to perform Hajj.

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