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"Unless we teach our children peace, somebody else will teach them violence..."

The Mission of OPVGR is to draw together parents, staff, and community members to provide support and education for students so they can succeed in their education journey with the highest quality, groom their personality and inculcate in them a sense of responsibility, confidence, commitment and dedication towards their society and country to the national and international standards.
Hira wants to be a police officer.
Hamid .. A student of OPVGR School.. He cant walk .
OPVG - Mohammad Ahmed .. Grade 1 student of OPVGR School... 
Shehbaz .. He is orphan .. he want to be lawyer ....
Meet Abdul Rehman, He is the student of Receiption1 and he wants to be an engineer
Faiza is a student of Receiption1 and her dream is to become a pilot
Amina is student of Grade1 and her wish is to be an Army officer
Abu Huraira, is a brilliant student of Grade2 and he wants to be a teacher to server the nation.
Ali Raza is a student of Receiption2, he is very hardworking student and want to be a computer engineer
Amina, is a brilliant student of Receiption2 and with your support she can fulfill her dreams to be a doctor
Ahmed, is a studying in Receiption1. With your support he can fulfill his dreams and can support his family.
Eshal, is studing in Receiption1. She needs your support to complete her studies and to become a doctor.
Ali Hassan, is a student of Grade4. He have many dreams and wants a bright future. Your support can fulfill his dreams.

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